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A large number of happy Californians consider a Brea house. Named Sunset Magazine's "best bounce back burb of 2006, " this community has achieved considerable improvements in properties and values by careful downtown development as well as interesting residential living. This award winning elevated city now has a quality downtown place you can walk around in and enjoy.

Brea started out as a center of commodity future trading production, booming in the late 1800s. When the oil fields dried up, many people needed to stay in the community they had built up with its fine homes, churches and schools. Combined with the temperate climate, Brea would still be a desirable place to live. Citrus output was another factor in Brea's persisted growth and existence. And when the Brea Mall was built in the particular 1970s the town saw another spike in population. With the development of houses, townhouses, condominiums and investment properties, the spot has continued to prosper in addition to grow.

Today, Brea continues to bring Real Estate in Beverly Hills California high quality development in both retail and home communities. It has many known schools with proficiencies in themes as diverse as computer research and performing arts. Brea is usually well placed in terms of proximity to hostipal wards and airports, and its golf course is recognized as one of the best executive courses in Apple County.

Brea has a multitude of activities to offer ranging from shopping and cusine to community entertainment. It is also close up in proximity to Los Angeles for those who want to check out big city interesting attractions. Only half an hour away from Disneyland, Brea offers the opportunity for family fun outings as well. It also has many popular recreational areas, with the 124 acre Carbon Encolure Regional park located in the northeast section of the city. Centered in an region with a great variety of activities, Brea gives you the best of both planets.

Because of its attractive business opportunities, Brea sucks in a large worker community. Although it offers only roughly 40, 000 within population, that number can easily double in the day, as people come in to work within the many businesses Brea has to offer. With all of its businesses, activities and well priced housing, it is truly one of the best places to reside California.


If you are considering moving in order to Brea, your timing couldn't be better. This booming city, filled with superb opportunities, continues to have much to provide for its residents, while a well lit future beckons.