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Being completely healthy is an accumulation of many factors including;

MENTAL HEALTH Mental health contributes greatly to the general well being of an individual. Mental disorders are disorders that affect ones mood, thinking and behaviour there are many causes of mental disorders today .Divorce is one of them it is associated with various behavioural and psychological disorders as it can have great impact on an individual. Many cultures as well as the media hold the popular belief and perception that men are tougher, more resistant, and less vulnerable to psychological trauma as compared to women. The President of (ISMH) International Society of Men's Health Ridwan Shabsigh however warns against such unfounded perceptions. He says that in fact the true state is that men are also affected by adverse life events such as divorce or loss of a partner. Research is closely needed to explore the control and influence of such effects in order for practitioners to come up with diagnosis and treatment measures.

MEN’S HEALTH There are various factors that specifically affect men’s HEALTHY, studies recently conducted on two groups of men with prostate cancer, required them to follow two distinct diets for a period of four to six weeks. One groups diet was high in calorie fat while the low fat diet consisted of 15% fat calories, the men also took 5g of fish oil in five oil supplements in order to have consistent intake of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are mainly found in fish and are instrumental in prevention of oral and skin cancer as they reduce inflammation and slow down the growth of cancerous cells. The study showed that for the men who followed the low fat diet their were changes in the cell membrane composition of their healthy cells and the cancerous prostate cells which researchers say directly affect the cells biology .The study also showed there was slower growth of cancer cells for those who followed the low fat diet as compared to those who followed the high fat calorie diet. Cancer is on the rise globally therefore to keep healthy; people should avoid high calorie fat diets.

HEALTHY MAN Eating right also contributes greatly to being MENS HEALTH. Many people often say that finding the right, healthy food is expensive but you should know that the healthiest food at the grocery will not dent your wallet. Eating at restaurants, buying packaged and processed food is far more expensive than buying healthy food at the grocery store if you are to take into consideration the health impact of taking these unhealthy foods. Colleen McGuire, registered dietician for At the Table Nutrition in Vancouver, says that. "A person can eat much healthier and for less or the same cost by buying fresh whole foods, buying locally and seasonally, and cooking them at home. A great low-cost way to eat healthy is to cultivate the food yourself. Organic food can get expensive because these foods are grown pesticide free and are produced in fair trade environments and this makes them more expensive for ordinary customers. To get these foods at lower price consumers should buy them during the growing season and those grown locally.

KEEP SAFE All this tips eating right, maintaining mental health will be for nothing if you don’t keep safe. Chris Alford, Ph.D., co-author of the UK study advises against excessive drinking and through a research compares driving with a hangover to driving just above the legal alcohol limit. Hangover symptoms include poor concentration, confusion dizziness and a pounding heart the result of driving in this condition is putting the lives of the people you are driving and yourself at risk. Health and Care begins here >