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Bibliographical Data

Title:Business Communication for Success
Author:Scott McLean
Key words:Business Writing, Business Speaking, Business Communication
Education Level:Higher Education
License:CC Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike (by-nc-sa)
Description:Don't feel like reading this description? Don't! You can listen to a podcast here of Scott discussing his textbook and teaching the Business Communication course.

This book is suited for Business Communication courses, but is also appropriate for Business English, Business Presentation, Professional Communication courses.

Scott McLean brings his authoring expertise to this new communications textbook. Scott has authored textbooks in the areas of Speech Communication, Interpersonal Communication and Public Speaking. Business Communications for Success benefits from Scott's extensive understanding of how students learn the art of effective communication.

Students are provided ample opportunity to engage with the concepts, vocabulary and models covered in the text, including role-playing exercises, journal writings, case studies, small-group activities, games, and self-assessment activities. Business Communication for Success also employs the Flat World Knowledge business model to create a fully modular text that can be customized to support a variety of courses in Business English, Business Presentation, Professional Communication, and related areas. The text is organized into four parts (which can be easily customized by you to suit your course needs): Chapters 1-3 focuses on a solid introduction to the principles of communication as applied to business. Chapters 4-8 cover the process and skills of writing for business and are capped by Chapter 9, a set of examples of business documents. Chapters 10-14 cover the process and skills of developing and delivering business presentations and are capped by Chapter 15, a set of applications for business presentation. The final chapters in the book address many of the common contexts of business communication, including intrapersonal and interpersonal communication; negative news and crisis communication; intercultural and international communication; and groups, teams, and leadership. Scott McLean's Business Communication for Success provides the range of coverage combined with real-world examples to meet course and student needs. With clear learning objectives, in-chapter and section exercises, and assessment outcomes, this text is suitable for traditional, hybrid, and online teaching environments.


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