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Title:Flying Publisher List of Books
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Description:I’m not entirely sure who Bernd Sebastian Kamps is, but the small bit of info available about him on his many websites points out that he is a doctor and that he is the sole funder for the Flying Publisher Group of websites. According to the site, “In 2006, he created the Amedeo Textbook Award. He will collect 1,000,000 €, create 50 awards of 20,000 € each, and find the physicians who will write and publish free medical textbooks.”

This organization funds FreeBooks4Doctors, also mentioned here on TBR, as well as a half-dozen other excellent free medical websites. His website has the following brilliant statement: “The spirit of science is to share information. Be part of it.”

The website links to the following sites and more:

Amedeo The Medical Literature Guide Serving >125.000 Scientists around the World

Free Medical Information Doctor = Publisher; PDF, 98 pages, 1.1 MB

Free Medical Journals Promoting Free Access to Medical Journals

GoldenLinks4Doctors The Best Medical Websites

Medicine on Earth Women and Men Dedicated to Medicine


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