Can Your House Exercise Bike Develop Into An Accessory To Your Smartphone?

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Quite a few years back, some folks at our assume tank had discussed the possibility of employing all of the lightweight helmet and cyclist mounted video cams made use of within the most exclusive bicycle races just like the Tour de France, after which recording all of that to later be played on a flat panel display as you use your exercising bike inside your garage or living space. Well, all that technology now exists, and there are businesses that provide such points, but it seems these new laptop scientists and technologists are going one step additional ´╗┐more info here . They're integrating mobile technologies for instance smartphones to assist you physical exercise, and have fun doing it.

An interesting post was posted to Springwise on July 17, 2013 telling of a new technology app for smartphones titled; "Exercise bike streams live health club classes into owners' properties - Peloton exercise machine functions reside streaming of [indoor cycling] classes by way of an on-board Android tablet," which stated:

"While dwelling exercising bikes could be useful when owners never really feel like heading each of the strategy to the fitness center, they don't definitely provide the same sort of personal training and encouragement that health club classes do. The Velo-1 has gone some strategy to incentivize exercising outside in the health club by utilizing riders' smartphones add fitness tracking attributes to genuine bikes, but [now it is actually possible] by way of an on-board Android tablet."

Indeed, I consider it would be extremely exciting that if you are pedaling at a particular price, then you'd be capable of appear at each of the other men and women who are pedaling at the similar rate as you, at the same time all on the web and networked collectively. Perhaps every day you'd ride your physical exercise bike at a certain time, go on-line, and pedal at a certain cadence. When you can retain up that pace, you'd be capable of appear at other folks who had been also riding at that exact same degree of exerted energy on their workout bikes at house.

No, that technology I just described does not exist but, and this new android app is slightly distinctive. But in reality the sky may be the limit, and in case you can dream it they're able to generate it, and that will be the future from the "Internet of things" inside the age in the "mobile Internet" and that reality, that augmented reality is ideal around the corner.

Now what if your exercise bike could power up all these devices, charge your intelligent phone, and run your flat-panel display all at the similar time. Provided that you retain pedaling, you can retain enjoying the view of the buddies and fellow riders worldwide. Certainly I hope you may please look at all this and assume on it.