Cavities, or the holes caused by tooth

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Cavities, or the holes caused by tooth Best Dentist in Vancouver rot are one of the most common oral health issues on the globe. Just like all other common diseases, they also leave some myths in the minds of people. It's crucial to get rid of these beliefs for the better care of our oral health; therefore in this article we try to uncover your five such myths and their respective details. Let's dive deeper into it:

Sugars is the primary cause of cavities

Not really sugar, but the acid produced by bacteria is the primary cause of cavities. These bacteria start producing acid whenever you eat something with carbohydrates. Plus yes, Sugar is a carb, although at the same time Rice, Potatoes, Fruits, Loaf of bread and Vegetables also have carbs with them. So sugar isn't the one and only reason for cavities.

Kids are more likely to have major in comparison to adults

In the last 20 years with the assistance of fluoridated water, sealants and precautionary care the cases of major among kids have decreased simply by half. But during the same timespan the percentage of cavity patients has grown among senior citizens due to some one of a kind circumstances. In old age most people are afflicted with some sort of diseases, so the input involving medicines among them increases. And some drugs dry out the mouth by reducing spit, which is vital for preventing dental decay. Saliva neutralizes the acid produced by bacteria and also helps in fighting with bacteria due to its disinfectant qualities. In addition, it prevents food from sticking directly into our teeth. So when its sum is reduced due to some medications, the likelihood of getting infected by cavities is increased.

Placing Aspirin near to the tooth helps in decreasing toothache

Ingesting Aspirin, not placing next to the tooth, helps in decreasing toothache. Since Aspirin is made of acid, placing it beside the tooth can actually burn your chewing gum tissue, thus giving birth to abscess. So you shouldn't do it!

All contents require replacement

Only a composite or perhaps amalgam filling that has either been broken or surrounded by cavity demands replacement. If nothing such has happened, you can keep the same answering for lifetime.

If you've cavities, you will come to know about it

That's the largest and worst of all myths. If you are suffering from mild tooth decay, you will not even come to know about it. The pain that you usually associate with cavities will be caused by more advanced tooth decay precisely as it starts damaging internal nerves of the gums. And allowing tooth decay to get advanced to that level may need more expensive treatment procedures in the future like root canals. So it's wise to include your oral health checked up by the dentist on regular time intervals.