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Days gone by is a time we all long for. Just as much as many people have painful incidents orgone they wish they could escape, there is always a period of time in a person's life when they were happy. This is the time when they smiled a great deal, did their favorite activities and required lots of pictures. They feared forgetting so they keep trying to save the actual have, wishing that time would go directly into an endless loop and keep the good situations rolling.

As we grow, we hardly ever lose the desire to enjoy the pleasures of this past. The mother whose heart touches to her smiling child still yearns for clubbing with the girls on a end of the week night. A man with all the money and even respect he could ask for still longiligne for the days when he was a spoiled teenager who does drugs for fun. All those examples may seem stereotypical, but they not necessarily. They are true. Everyone of us possessed something before that he wants to relive and has something now that he desires to hold on to forever, even if just inside a photo.

Unfortunately, life does not work this way. As much as we all want to freeze each of our youth, our college days or the time when our kids were little ones, time just passes. Everything we wish we could preserve forever is without a doubt changed or gone.

Taking pictures aiming to preserve our memories as much as possible is really a human instinct that is sometimes beyond our own control. We know looking at old photos does not bring back the same rush all of us once had, but we take pictures anyway and we keep looking at all of them in the times of sorrow. They are an enormous lie that creates the impression that because we were once completely happy we can be again.

The truth is we can be happy again, but we might not be happy like we used to or even as much. Our happiness has nothing to do with if we once had the whole world inside our hands. It has to do with simply how much we are willing to chase it. This will depend on how willing we are to fight for the right to smile and whether or not we are going to give up as quickly and easily as it normally takes to be beaten. It takes a lot of psychological effort to look at old pictures along with pride rather than bemoaning. More importantly, it will take a happy person, who is pleased with what they have now, to think about the happy past and see it as a phase that is prone to repetition.