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Enter the electric facial. Celebrity dermatologist and skin-care guru Nicholas Perricone, MD advises his patients to eschew neurotoxins like Botox in favor of microcurrents, which he tells Bernard, build “convexities” in our faces: good. Convexities are prominent curves that define our nose, jawline, cheekbones, chin and nose, for example: They give our face shape its shape. When we lose them-as we lose other things we’d like to keep-our face droops and looks flat. Electro-stim from an electric facial that utilizes microcurrents may help rebuild needed convexities. It may also restore facial symmetry as muscles contract, plumping and firming up facial volume. - See more at: http://fixskintoday.com
Both a positive and a negative current, explains Bernard, are delivered to your face via two wands, probes, or sponges and “stimulate” the tissue in between. No, it doesn’t hurt, but you may experience a teeny “tingle.”You can get an electric facial at a spa from an aesthetician or you can do it yourself at home. As you might expect, the professional’s system is stronger and costs more, and the number of recommended treatments can vary. The underlying premise is that of course, you need to keep doing them, no matter where you do them.

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