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Driving down the road, you will sometimes hear the crackling sound of street rubble hitting against your vehicle windshield. A careful driver knows not to travel too close behind a truck hauling cement or other large cargo trucks. A hard piece of stone hitting on your auto glass will from time to time produce a rock chip on your windshield.

The important thing to do once you get a crack windshield is to get it repaired immediately. Virtually all insurance companies recognize that rock chips are not a driver’s fault. Almost all insurance carriers allows 3 rock chip claims annually to their full coverage insured drivers.

A rock chip repair will generally vary from $30 to $50, as a full windshield replacement will cost hundreds of dollars. The rock chip repair will take about 20 minutes. You will rebuild the integrity of your window, and the repair smooths out the blemish on your windshield. If your insurance deductible is $500, that genuinely does not help you once you will spend that for Windshield Repair Houston.