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An emcee’s role doesn’t start once you go on stage - it begins when the client signs the contract & books you as the event emcee Singapore for their event.
several individuals imagine that if they can speak well & utilize a microphone, then they qualify such as an emcee. Nevertheless to me, that is the role of a straight forward announcer.
A professional event emcee Singapore is classified as skilled, because, as with any line of work, it takes yrs of training, practice, experience & expertise to get good at your job.
However, I never wish to do a good job for a customer, I want to do a fantastic job!
That is why I do not think myself to be an emcee, yet rather, an ‘Emceepreneur”. This is a phrase I coined myself because I like to run my job just like a business & I think myself to be a self-employed staff.
So, to present you with an instance of a profession: If I were to be a property developer, first of all I would require to get the deal - Right? Once the deal is signed, I require to clear the land. Then I require to think about putting up the building. I require to ‘pile’ deeply to make sure that the foundation is strong, I need to utilize good materials to build the buildings - I need great people to help me and mentor me. And ultimately when the building is complete, I require to sell it to the public.
If I’ve done a good job, the property will sell. (Of course, there is much more that goes into putting up a building, but I’m over- simplifying this as an example for you.)
There are commonalities between being a property developer & being an emceepreneur.
When the client has picked me for their event (I got the deal), it’s all methods go. I am on a mission to learn just as much as I can about them, (clear the land) to make certain that I can relate to, identify & be tightly related to their industry.(pile deeply)
If they have a theme for their event, then it’s time to pull out all of the stops to bring the theme to life. I want to make it unforgettable & fun for them. So analysis has to be done for costumes, songs & music, & special emphasis has to be put on designing personalized games that fit the theme. (use good material, & great people to help & mentor me).
Finally, with all the groundwork done, I’m ready to perform. (I require to sell to the public).
If the event is a achievement, then I get more bookings & generate longevity & sustainability for myself & build a business. (the property sells) Again, this is oversimplifying the process, as an amazing amount of work has to go into anything which you want to be thought of as wonderful.
Nonetheless, the vast majority of people have no concept of the amount of effort neccessary to make something which looks simple - Fantastic - constantly! And this is true, for any profession.
So, I wish to see more emceepreneurs in our industry, & don't forget, your task just like an event emcee Singapore doesn’t start when you go on step - it starts once you sign the contract.
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