Book:Free and Open Source Software Development

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Title:Free and Open Source Software Development
Author:Dr Andrew Tridgell and Bob Edwards
Subjects:Computer Science
Key words:FOSS, Open Source Software
Education Level:Higher Education
License:CC Attribution-Share Alike (by-sa)
Description:Course Introduction

This lecture provides an overview of the course material, and sets some reading tasks and project tasks.

Note that the links to the videos in this page are to the 2009 lectures. The 2010 course will have some updated lecture material, but the general structure of the course will remain the same.

Lecture 1: Introduction to FOSS

This lecture gives an overview of the FOSS world, and introduces the first lab material.

Lecture 2: Getting started in a FOSS project

This lecture deals with how to research a FOSS project, so that you know enough to start contributing.

Lecture 3: Source code management

This lecture goes through the theory and practice of using source code management tool for FOSS projects.

Lecture 4: FOSS History

This lecture gives an overview of the history of FOSS, covering some key developments that have led to the FOSS world of today.

Lecture 5: Inside FOSS Licensing

This lecture looks at the main FOSS licenses and how they impact on FOSS development.

Lecture 6: FOSS and the law

This lecture looks at how FOSS interacts with the legal system.

Lecture 7: FOSS Governance

This lecture looks at how FOSS projects are governed.

Lecture 8: FOSS and Business

This lecture looks at how the business world interacts with FOSS projects.

Lecture 9: What motivates a FOSS developer?

This lecture looks at the diverse motivations of FOSS developers.

Lecture 10: Case study: Samba

This lecture looks at the Samba project in some detail, as a case study of a FOSS project.

Lecture 11: FOSS Distributions and Platforms

This lecture looks at the wide range of FOSS distributions and platforms that they run on.

Lecture 12: FOSS Culture

This lecture delves into the world of FOSS culture.

Lecture 13: Starting a new project

This lecture looks at what is involved in staring a new FOSS project.

Lecture 14: FOSS Tales

This lecture examines some key events of the past few years that have shaped the FOSS world.

Lecture 15: Release early, Release often


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