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Bibliographical Data

Title:In Darwin's Image: How Human Biology Confirms Evolutionary Theory
Author:Arndt von Hippel
Key words:
Education Level:
License:standard copyright
Description:Dr. von Hippel is the author of five books, all of which he has graciously agreed to let Textbook Revolution host. In this book, he tackles the evolution vs. creationism debate from a scientific viewpoint.

Readers should note that the this book has obvious political and religious viewpoints. The opinions of the author are his own and are not representative of the opinions of Textbook Revolution. We are hosting this book as a community service. Please direct all comments, positive or negative, to the author.

This book is a straightforward PDF file with no bells or whistles. We hope to transfer the book to the new dotReader format in the coming months and to improve the readability of the PDF book.

The book is available in print from for $19.95 plus shipping. The author is also selling his own copies at $19 including U.S. shipping. Please contact him directly at avhmvh AT gci DOT net to purchase from him.

Dr. von Hippel has provided this bio:

Arndt von Hippel was born in Germany in 1932 and arrived in the United States in 1936. He comes from a uniquem ultigenerational scientific family that was featured in The Scientist. Dr. von Hippel acquired his B.S. in Biology from M.I.T. and an M.D. from Harvard. In 1965, after eight years of surgical training, hemoved to Anchorage with his pediatrician wife and their children, where he opened a solo practice in chest surgery and later developed Alaska’s very successful heart surgery program. Following retirement, von Hippel taught a popular course in human anatomy and physiology at the University of Alaska.

Excerpt from the book:

Life’s origin provides the point of departure for this book. After developing rules that all life must follow, we consider the incredible odds against any specific outcome such as yourself. A review of life’s layered progression from bacterium to nucleated cell to multicellular organism, shows how inadvertent information transfers and accidental mergers of desperately competing life forms brought about important advances.

As we examine efficiencies gained through cell specialization, it becomes clear why the reorganization of specialized cells into complex organ systems brought additional reproductive advantages. Our overview of human biology concludes with evolutionary insights into human sexuality and embryonic development.

The facts presented herein are up-to-date and widely accepted. They have been garnered from many scientific fields and a lifetime of personal and professional experiences. So even if you already understand a lot about human biology, my report on how evolution underlies human form and function should interest and entertain you. As for those with little previous exposure to human physiology or modern Evolution Theory, this book can help bring you up to speed.


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