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This property is a string.

It allows the following values:

  • Elementary Education
  • Middle Schools
  • High Schools
  • Higher Education

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Pages using the property "Education level"

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Access 2010: Part III +Higher Education  +
Access 2010: Part IV +Higher Education  +
Accession to the WTO: Part I - Computable General Equilibrium Analysis: The Case of Ukraine +Higher Education  +
Accession to the WTO: Part II - Computable General Equilibrium Analysis: The Case of Ukraine +Higher Education  +
Accounting +Higher Education  +
Accounting Considerations for Uncollectible Receiv +Higher Education  +
Accounting Cycle Exercises I +Higher Education  +
Accounting Cycle Exercises II +Higher Education  +
Accounting Cycle Exercises III +Higher Education  +
Accounting Cycle Exercises IV +Higher Education  +
Accounting for Disposals +Higher Education  +
Accounting for Highly Liquid Investments Known as +Higher Education  +
Accounting for Natural Resources +Higher Education  +
Accounting for Payroll +Higher Education  +
Accounts, Debits, and Credits +Higher Education  +
Accrual vs. Cash-Basis Accounting +Higher Education  +
Adobe Photoshop for Intermediate Users +Higher Education  +
Advanced Granulation Theory at Particle Level +Higher Education  +
Albania history +High Schools  +
Algebra +Higher Education  +
Algebra: Abstract and Concrete +Higher Education  +
Alternative Approaches to Account for Uncollectibl +Higher Education  +
An Alternative Inventory System +Higher Education  +
An Evolutionist Deconstructs Creationism +Higher Education  +
An Introduction to Adobe Photoshop +Higher Education  +
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