The Craft of Creating Wire Wrapped Jewelry

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Wire wrapped jewelry is an ancient art form which originated long before it became one of the most unique and popular kinds of jewelry sought after today. In fact it is stated to have originated some many thousands of years ago to create jewelry what ordinary folk could not be able to buy, yet royalty will have elegant pieces hand designed with wrapped wire, precious gems, gold and diamonds.

These hand crafted bits of jewelry are individually prepared and designed to ensure each one is unique, you will not find two exactly alike. Much love and detail gets into each design thereby making every single one an original, impressive jewelry piece not owned by anyone else. These fine crafted designs are created by very creative and artsy people who use wire wrapping with all forms of beads, stones, along with other objects including various types of metal wire. A multitude of different variations and styles are used by the crafter that begin from being very practical which entails simple coiling and looping of wire around stone or very complex and intricate requiring hours and frequently days to complete just one.

It doesn't matter what design technique is used it will take true skill and patience plus loads of dedication to your craft. This particular jewelry has been able to outlast lifespans of types of jewelry which are considered quite long in the realm of jewelry ranging from understated to elegant. This jewelry fits todays society perfectly bringing art and imagination to stones such as fine designer cabochons. Cabochon stems from the French word caboche, and it is the most popular gemstones for wire wrapping and creating designer jewelry. There are numerous shapes created but an ellipse is one of the most common. These gems are actually cut from a slab of rock using a stencil also known as a template. Diamond tipped grinders and carbide wheels are used for shaping and smoothing along with other processes before these are typically sanded and polished creating beautiful.

This handcrafted jewelry of wire wrapping cabochons is in a class of it’s own but there are a couple who have thought outside of the box by creating wire wrapped jewelry out of iridescent roman glass shards unearthed in Israel while using a number of other natural precious stones, glasses, crystal beads, and spectacular metal accents. Shirl and Bruce from California have been creating wire wrap jewelry for longer than 16 years and have now expanded their beautiful unique hand made jewelry to feature which happen to have become an extremely popular seller on their site . These are typically known for utilizing the finest Sterling Silver, 14k gold and Argentium Silver wire. Their collection includes some rather rare cabochons and scarce stones along with unusual ancient Greek and Roman coins creating high-quality ancient Greek jewelry.

There isn't any other type of jewelry quite like wire wrapped stone, glass, ancient Greek coins, among other rare artifacts due to their unique designs additionally the interesting story behind each piece. People lucky enough to own some of these designer jewelry art forms will no doubt get noticed as there is only one thing finer then art, and that is exceptional art you can easily flaunt by wearing it which makes it something special.