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The most important features that the website owners must consider is the email service prove domain name. Most of the web-hosting providers offer you email hosting for free with their internet hosting packages.

However , there are some major disadvantages that lie in the email support that is provided with the web-hosting programs:

What most people don't know that the email server of their emails doesn't necessarily have to reside on their web-hosting server. You could specify the mail server by transforming the MX record of your domain thus allowing you to host your website emails on Gmail, Hotmail or any type of other third party email hosting product. Most of the web hosting providers such as iPage, HostGator and Go Daddy permit you to set the MX records yourself through their easy to use control panel.

Yahoo and google Apps is a service provided by Yahoo that allows the domain users to look at full advantage of Google products for example Gmail, Google Docs and Yahoo Calendar at their custom website name. All you need is to register a domain name and point your domain MX data to the MX records provided by Google.

The service comes in different Vodien tastes to suit the organization needs. The two key editions of Google Apps usually are:

Google Apps for NGOs and academic Institutions offers similar features to the edition at discounted prices.

You can always improve from the Standard Edition to the Company Edition or downgrade the business copy to a standard edition.

You only need a domain name to take advantage of Google Apps. You will see the difference between Google Apps and any other email hosting service.