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Do you know the best laptop brand? The reply to this inquiry depends almost seen on which you ask it to. I am about to answer this question according to the experience and from my numerous years of research on laptop consumer polls. There are several groups of laptops so it is best to pick the right brands according to those classifications. Typically the most popular laptop models are classified as 'mainstream models' where you can find made for the average PC user who often use their laptops for surfing the net, running Office applications, checking emails as well as other similar tasks. With this gang of laptop users, the principle criteria would needless to say be durability, reliability and affordability.

Taking these three factors under consideration I'd personally point out that Fujitsu, Toshiba and HP can be three with the top brands here. Both the Japanese companies are almost legendary in producing very reliable machines and the experiences with HP laptops seemed to be amazing and being very reliable. IBM is an additional great brand when it comes to reliability and durability but we'll have to wait and see if Lenovo has successfully inherited this legacy. A few of the other groups of laptops include gaming laptops, netbooks along with a couple more. For gaming, Asus has become steadily gaining a legion of fans for his or her powerful gaming laptops. Apple laptops conversely have grown to be almost commonplace in offices of designers. If prices are the primary (or sole) factor in your procedure for getting a best laptop brand, you should consider brands like Gateway and Acer. These brands have managed to squeeze a great deal inside their range of laptops and despite their comprehensive pair of specs, have managed to keep the cost minimal.